The National Religious Media Television Service, LOVE TV, was officially launched on Monday, June 29, 1998, with a special Service of Dedication at the Webster Memorial United Church.

The nation's newest television station entered the media landscape with a market share of 3% audience in the All Media Survey, conducted by Market Research Services Limited.

LOVE TV, originates transmission at broadcast house on Channel 17 (U.H.F.) The signal is relayed to the Corporate Area, St. Catherine, Clarendon and sections of St. Ann and St. Thomas on Channel 6 (V.H.F.), and on Channel 3 to parts of St. Ann and Manchester.

LOVE TV, offers 24 hours per day broadcast with News, Religious Word Ministry Programmes, both local and foreign, Children Programmes, Documentaries, Movies and Concert Showcases. The main emphasis is the family, which is kept well entertained throughout each day's transmission.

Public demand for more of LOVE TV has caused an acceleration of plans to improve the signal quality, with installation of a 2500 watt transmitter at Flamstead in St. Andrew, to be followed by a 1500 watt transmitter in Mandeville and a 2500 watt transmitter in Montego Bay.

LOVE TV appears on a number of the Cable Systems in the Corporate Area and also on Cable Systems in St. Catherine and Clarendon.

The ever present slogan on programmes invites viewers to "Come Home To Lovely Television "





















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