The National Religious Media Company Limited, LOVE FM began transmitting on February 14, 1993. The station entered the radio market with a new untried product for Jamaica, fully conscious of the religious platform on which the nation's basic family life is structured, thereby facilitating an immediate path for acceptance by Jamaicans.

It was not a coincidence that the station signed on at 6:00 am on Sunday, February 14. In fact the decision on the start-up date recognized the public relations value of giving LOVE FM to the nation, on the day people the world over pay tribute to those they love - Valentine's Day.

Since the commencement of test transmission in 1992 the response from listeners has been tremendous. Listeners have welcomed the presence of LOVE 101 on the air and have communicated their reaction through letters, telegrams and telephone calls. The station's format of religious, instrumental and classical music,, word ministry, counseling, news and conversation has received much acclaim.

The mission of LOVE FM was, and continues to be an enhancement of the religious, cultural, historical, educational and family life of Jamaicans in all walks of life.





















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