The National Religious Media Company; through LOVE FM and LOVE TELEVISION, strives to enlighten Jamaicans as to their rights to religious freedom and freedom of expression with creative exposure of artistic endeavours in music, the performing arts and enlightened discourse, free from patronage, conflict or confrontation.

The mission represents a commitment to exposure of traditional and contemporary religious thought, to spiritual self development, to the propagation of responsible religious family life and to the everlasting pursuit of religious and harmonious nation building.

Welcome to LOVE 101 FM
LOVE 101, live from Jamaica.

Your only family all-island religious station. In Jamaica, on your FM, 101.1; 101.3; 101.5; 101.7; 101.9

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The National Religious Media Company Limited, LOVE FM began transmitting on February 14, 1993. The station entered the radio market with a new untried product for Jamaica, fully conscious of the religious platform on which the nation's basic family life is structured, thereby facilitating an immediate path for acceptance by Jamaicans.

The mission of LOVE FM was, and continues to be an enhancement of the religious, cultural, historical, educational and family life of Jamaicans in all walks of life.

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